The Top 7 Best Games to Play With Your Corkaine Yard Games Set

The Top 7 Best Games to Play With Your Corkaine Yard Games Set


With so many fun Corkaine games to play, we thought it would be helpful to break down the very best games that Corkaine offers. Some of the Corkaine games are essential party games (pong, blackout), some are more strategic games (classic, battle), but all of the games mentioned below are new games meant to simply be played as a new yard game.

Classic Corkaine

  • Classic Corkaine is the first of its kind. Classic Corkaine is the original Corkaine game. It is such a cool game in such that all 23 cups on the gameboard are being used in a very strategic way especially the cup colors of gold (steal cup), silver (reposition cup), and red (put back a cup). Classic Corkaine plays similarly like a board game in the way that there are countless strategic point opportunities to be made by either team. Once all the black cups are won off the board, the team with the most will win. In many of the new games that Corkaine offers, the tricky and most challenging part is making sure your opponent does not steal your cups away from your stash, so while you are playing this new game, you must pay attention to your opponent's shots to help you win each round. Four different teams can play this yard game at one time using the different cork colors for each team (yellow, orange, purple, green). 

Colorado Rapids Tailgate Party Playing The Best Game Classic Corkaine At Dick Sporting Goods Field In Denver Colorado


  • Blackout is your no frills, no BS game. Blackout has 23 black cups on the gameboard and the first team to win 12 of them off the board wins. Playing defense is just as good as playing offense in this game. Whatever you do, try very hard to not let your opponent get too far ahead or else you will be faced with some serious comeback challenges. 

Pong / Pyramids

  • Pong / Pyramids is a little rendition of our love for the classiest and most known party game of all time, beer pong. However, this game is not played with beer or alcohol. Teams play with 2 corks each allowing for potential re-rack possibilities and last cup showdowns. 


  • Battle is a true "Game of Thrones" yard game battle...but with using corks and cups, not dragons and swords. Teams have the opportunity to capture their opponent's soldiers (cups) from their side of the board, but teams may also fight to win their soldiers back to place them on the battlefield (board) to fight again. This yard game is an ultimate strategy game and one of the best games to be played.

Two Guys Playing Corkaine Battle Beach Game On A Mississippi Beach


  • Lightning is played quickly but most importantly accurately. The first team to win the black cup off the board wins. There are no rules. Foul play definitely happens with this new game and everything goes. No holding back. It is fast paced and every shot is a nail-biter. 


  • Cornhole is the yard game in bars, backyards, wineries, anywhere really. It has 1 hole and a board base where you toss bean bags on to score points. We made a yard game called Cornhole, but with a Corkaine style. Win the gold cup, score 3 points. Win the silver cup, score 1 point. If a cork stays on the gameboard, win 1 point. 

Capture the Flag

  • Capture the flag is an adult game and a kids game. Play with your dad, grandma, sisters, brothers, and friends. The team that captures the other team's flag (colored cup) and all black cups first win. This is another game where a defensive strategy is just as good as an offensive strategy. Teams must win the opponents flag (colored cup) before they can win any other cups off the board. The team that wins this cup first has a serious advantage of winning the game.

Three Girls Playing Corkaine Capture The Flag Yard Game at Washington Park Denver Colorado


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