The Facts About Corkaine VS. Other Outdoor Games

The Facts About Corkaine VS. Other Outdoor Games

Corkaine VS. Other Outdoor Games (Cornhole, Beer Pong, Spikeball)

We are here today to give you the rundown of why and how Corkaine is different from the other outdoor games that people play today. These other lawn games are definitely fun games and some are classic party games, but Corkaine is different and here is why. 

Corkaine VS. Cornhole 

Weirdly enough, both of these games have 8 letters in the name, but that is about all. Here are some facts about Corkaine and Cornhole. 

  • Corkaine: Introduced in 2018. 
  • It is a new outdoor game and is gaining traction among the 300+ million people across the USA.
  • Ability to play 12+ games with endless house rule shenanigans.
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds so it is easy to bring to any social gathering.
  • Corkaine is played by teenagers to grandmas and grandpas (ages 13-85).
  • 2-8 players can play on 1 Corkaine game set using 4 different colored cork sets (orange, yellow, purple, and green).
  • 70+ piece game set (allows for 4 teams to play the game).
  • Corkaine is a strategic game as well as an aim, shoot, and hope it goes in gameplay. 

"Group of people playing Corkaine lawn game at City Park in New Orleans"

  • Cornhole: Introduced in the 1970s (some argue in the 1800s).
  • It is a legendary and classic game when it comes to lawn games. No doubt about it. It even has an American Cornhole League where winners win thousands of dollars. Pretty baller stuff. 
  • Ability to play only 1 game with few house rules.
  • Official Cornhole boards and bags weigh around 60 pounds (have fun carrying two 30 pound dumbells across the park and to the beach). :)
  • The bags are around 1 pound each and can be difficult to throw by older people. Note: we all get weaker as we age and unfortunately, that is a fact. :( 
  • 2-4 players can play on 1 Cornhole game set.
  • Cornhole has an aim, shoot, and hope it goes in gameplay.


In conclusion, Corkaine and Cornhole are some of the best games for outdoor games. Corkaine offers a lot of flexibility for gameplay, allows more players to be involved in the game, is very portable and light in weight, and anyone can play it. Cornhole can be heavy and a little cumbersome to carry, is a tad repetitive with only one kind of gameplay, but nevertheless is still an extremely fun lawn game to play and may outlive the days of time. 

Corkaine also has a game style called Cornhole/ Corkhole, where players play Cornhole on a Corkaine game set. Check out the games tab on the website to learn the rules. 

We love all the games and still play Cornhole all the time. It is a staple at our barbeques along with games like Kanjam, Bocce Ball, and Spikeball. Outdoor games are simply the best when it comes to hanging out with your friends and family. 

Corkaine VS. Beer Pong 

Oddly enough, these party games also have 8 letters but are quite different. Here are some facts about Corkaine and Beer Pong. 

  • Corkaine: Uses solid, floatable wine corks to shoot and score cups. One Corkaine game set comes with 15 orange corks and 15 yellow corks with an expansion pack of green and purple corks to be purchased separately if you want 3 - 4 teams playing at one time.  
  • Comes with 30 Cups for endless gameplay (23 Black, 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Red, 1 Yellow, and 1 Orange Cup).
  • Has many shooting styles including the underhand backspin shot, the dart throw, the basketball arc shot, granny shot, frisbee throw, and many more.
  • You can play almost anywhere at any time (inside or outside).
  • Can be played by teenagers, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and even 80-year-olds.
  • 2-8 players can play on 1 Corkaine game set.
  • Corkaine cups are not intended to be filled with beer or wine as Corkaine is not a drinking game. 

"Corkaine game tournament at Vine Street Pub and Brewery in Denver Colorado"

  • Beer Pong: Uses hollow ping pong balls that get dents in them and be repurchased.
  • You have to buy red or blue solo cups almost every time you play mainly because they get pretty gross because no one cleans them. Haha.
  • Has primarily two shooting styles which are overhand and bounce shot.
  • You need a large table to play Beer Pong which may be difficult to carry for some.
  • Primarily played by college students (when is the last time you saw your mother play Beer Pong). :)
  • 2-4 players can play Beer Pong at one time.
  • In Beer Pong play, once your opponent sinks their ping pong ball into that beer-filled cup of yours, you are chugging that sucker down along with anything else that ping pong ball had on it. Yum Yum. 

"Beer Beer Beer lit up sign"

Here is the truth...Corkaine and Beer Pong shoot small objects into cups, great for hand-eye coordination, and being able to make the last cup is an important skill to have when playing both, but besides that, not much else. Corkaine allows for more people to play the game in almost any setting. Corkaine allows for extremely fun gameplay without the unexpected throwup from a teammate or opponent onto the gameboard (or Beer Pong table). Beer Pong is a game for the youth. It is an extreme party game where girls and guys battle it out to see who can ultimately drink the most beer without knocking down their six to ten cup pyramid. We like to think Corkaine is a little more sophisticated that can be played by people who don't drink beer. Check out the games tab. It does offer some pretty fun house rules if you start adding in the gold, silver, or red cups to your pong play.

Corkaine VS. Spikeball

Finally, Corkaine with 8 letters and Spikeball with 9. Now let’s get on with it. These games are very opposite to each other. Here are the facts. 

  • Corkaine: Corkaine lawn game was introduced in 2018. 
  • Uses a rigid square design that adds a tremendous value of fun to the gameplay as corks can bounce off the top into cups that you can score from. 
  • Ability to play 12+ Corkaine games (Classic, Blackout, Battle, Capture the Flag, Lightning, and more). Some games are more difficult than others and there is 1 game that offers some serious speed to it (Lightning game), which is a little similar to the basketball game called Knockout.
  • Can be played and set up with 4 long legs, or 4 short legs, or 2 long legs in the back and 2 short legs in the front. This allows Corkaine to be played evenly on grass or a beach, on a tabletop, and even a version where players shoot uphill towards an angled Corkaine game set (we recommend starting on a flat surface and try this style later on).
  • Is played by teenagers and adults of all ages.  
  • 2-8 players can play on 1 Corkaine game set.
  • Has local Corkaine game tournaments. 

"Two girls playing Corkaine at Improper City in Denver Colorado"

  • Spikeball: This lawn game was first introduced in the late 1980s but rebirthed into what it is today starting in 2008. 
  • Uses a circular design with a tight net in order for the ball to be spiked off of to score points. 
  • Ability to play 1 game.
  • You need to play Spikeball on a flat surface.
  • Is played by people that like to exercise and that have some sort of agility (not your game if you do not want to sweat).
  • 2-4 players can play on one Spikeball game set.
  • Has ESPN2 televised Spikeball tournaments (I tip my hat to them for getting on TV).


Corkaine and Spikeball are probably the most opposite lawn games out of the three mentioned (Cornhole, Beer Pong, Spikeball). When playing Corkaine, you are strategizing on what cups to double up on, cups to make to cancel your opponent shots, and gold cups to make to steal cups from your opponent's stash. In Spikeball, I see people diving all over the place when playing and my only hope is that the grounds have been checked for dog poop. 

All in all, all these games are wonderful. Whether you play Corkaine, Cornhole, Spikeball, Beer Pong, Bocce Ball, Kanjam, Washers, Volleyball, etc., you are winning. When playing yard games, you are with friends and family; laughing, partying and creating awesome memories. We invite you to keep having social gatherings to create more memories with your friends and family. Happy Summer everyone. 



The Corkaine Team 



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